The Swedish electric surfboard manufacturer

Svensktillverkade elektriska surfbrädor 
Awake bygger högpresterande elektriska surfbrädor - Awake Boards - som tar åkaren upp i hastigheter över 50km/h på några sekunder.
Hastigheten kontrolleras enkelt med en handkontroll som ansluts trådlöst till Awake oards.
Du styr enkelt genom att förflytta balansen, precis som på en vanlig surfbräda.
Vi vågar påstå att det här är bland det roligaste man kan ägna sig åt på vattnet!.

Awake Boards är tillverkade med kvalitet, effekt och säkerhet i åtanke, allt för att ge dig en upplevelse som du helt enkelt inte kan vara utan - dessutom miljövänligt! 
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RÄVIK S 2022 

Discover your extreme

Charge the senses. Feel everything more vividly, more intensely.

Compelling you to go back for more. To challenge yourself on every run. To push yourself further.

Jumping higher, turning sharper, riding faster, feeling everything. This is you, like never before.

That thing in your chest? That’s your heart pounding.

This is a wake-up call for watersports. Because the new RÄVIK S has arrived.

And it’s a RUSH.
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Generation 3 - the next step in an evolving category

A fusion of everything we learned designing and engineering high-performance electric surfboards - and a lifetime spent on the water. The Awake RÄVIK 3 is the culmination of all that knowledge and experience, a board that's perfect for both racing and cruising. A quieter board with improved acceleration, an improved motor, and an even more intuitive hand controller. Combine all that with a completely new hull construction and design, and you have a board ready to provide extreme thrills or something a little more relaxed; whatever you choose - you'll have fun out there.
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The perfect leisure board

Awake RÄVIK ONE is a genuinely accessible leisure board. It’s easy to use and ride for those keen to begin their electric surfing experience
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